The Glitter Crosschain Platform - a crosschain base layer, for layer-1s and crosschain DeFi.

The Glitter Bridge offers easy to use liquidity movement across multiple blockchains. It also allows users to invest in cross chain DeFi seamlessly.

Briefly on Glitter Finance

Glitter Finance is a base layer technology focused on interoperability, liquidity movement and ease of use. The bridge provides an interoperability solution that serves as a base layer for layer-1 networks and DeFi protocols across multiple blockchain networks.

It thrives by linking disparate ecosystems and simplifying the usage and investment process across chains. Glitter bridge powers cross-chain transfer of assets between Non-EVM and EVM supported networks bidirectionally, the first being the Algorand and Solana blockchain networks.

It allows for easy integration with supported blockchain smart contracts, protocols, decentralized exchanges (DEX), and wallets to enable liquidity movement across various blockchain networks

Platform Components

Glitter Finance offers an advanced interoperability platform. Glitter is a hybrid platform which is composed of and combines multiple cross-chain technologies under one roof, which creates a never-before-seen flexibility in moving assets between multiple, supported blockchains. What are the technologies?

  1. Glitter Wrapped Token Bridge - this is a highly audited cross-chain platform which enables the creation of wrapped tokens via our Developer Portal. The exact mechanics of this product can be seen in the sections of these documents following this one.

  2. Glitter USDC Crosschain Swaps - The Glitter USDC Crosschain Swaps allow for a seamless and frictionless transfer of native to native USDC between multiple blockchains. In most instances, the transfers take no more than 1 minute, does not involve the creation of any wrapped assets, do not involve the usage of liquidity pools (either within the bridge structure or on a DEX), and do not involve any stablecoins being held inside the bridge vault. NOTE: As the Polygon USDC is a bridged version of USDC and not native, the transactions with Polygon take, on an average, 20 minutes. Transactions with Ethereum may take 10 minutes, depending on the network congestion.

  3. Glitter Software Development Kit (SDK) - This product allows any protocol to use Glitter’s interoperability solutions in their protocol’s architecture, with no development time. This is open and free technology, developed by Glitter.

  4. Glitter Arbitrage and Liquidation Bot - this is a custom-made product which allows for crosschain arbitrage as well as crosschain asset liquidation when working with crypto lenders.

  5. Glitter Explorer - This explorer allows one to use advanced analytics to see any transactions happening on the Glitter platform, crosschain.

  6. XGLI Crosschain Swap - Our crosschain swap uses the XGLI, a crosschain currency which connects Solana, Algorand, and Ethereum. This is not a wrapped-token product as the XGLI is native to all the blockchains it connects. The XGLI provides a simple, cheap, and seamless way to bridge value across multiple ecosystems. More information regarding the XGLI may be found in

  7. Glitter Widget - The Glitter Widget allows for the simplest integration of the Glitter Crosschain Platform for a partner protocol. It features a more tradition crosschain UI design.

Glitter Bridge has the following value propositions:

  • Our ethos revolves around creating a balanced ecosystem by mixing both EVM and top non-EVM blockchains. Further, we strive to work with not just the most popular blockchains but with blockchains whose technology we believe in.

  • We offer a seamless DeFi accessibility for the mainstream public who might find navigating other DeFi platforms too abstract to use and plan to integrate DeFi pools directly into the bridge if users choose to use them. These are all embedded with a user-centric interface designed to facilitate easy and intuitive interaction for both novice users and cross-chain innovation

  • We strive to enhance the current crosschain possibilities. To do this, we are adding cross-chain DeFi into our ecosystem which complements the bridging technology we have developed. Further, we are adding algorithmic trading and automation to our platform, which is meant to help cross-chain and DeFi to scale, and reach a more mainstream audience.

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