USDC and EUROC Transfer

Cross-Bridge Native USDC and EUROC


Description of the service:

Glitter Finance provides a DeFi, permissionless and direct mode of bridging (bridging-as-a-service) native USDC between all blockchains that support native USDC. Glitter Finance reserves the right to cap the transaction amounts going through the Glitter Bridge in the interest of AML and at the request of law enforcement. All transactions are visible on The bridge fee for all USDC and EUROC transactions will be 0.5%. The minimal executed amount per transaction is 1 USDC.

Advantages of the Glitter USDC Bridge:

  • Only native to native USDC and EUROC transfer. Glitter Finance does not wrap the USDC and EUROC;

  • Supporting all the native USDC blockchains. We do not bridge USDC where USDC is bridged;

  • No liquidity pools, which means no wait time to bridge.

The Glitter Finance USDC and EUROC Bridge lowers cross-chain risks.

  • USDC which is swapped is not held inside the Bridge Vault. As such, there is a significantly reduced risk of hacking.

  • By not wrapping tokens, we do not create derivatives which can depeg during a bear market or through the shorting of the derivative.

  • By not using integrated liquidity pools to bridge stable coins we do not create a case of stagnant liquidity sitting in a liquidity pool and potentially depreciating with the bear market.

  • Further, the end-user does not have to wait for a liquidity pool to have liquidity in order to bridge the stable coin.

USDC Crosschain Swap - Supported Networks:

  • Ethereum, Algorand, Solana, Tron, Avalanche, Polygon

EUROC Crosschain Swap - Supported Networks:

  • Ethereum, Avalanche

This accomplishes our aim, which is frictionless, cross-chain, stable-coin bridging.

Find the audit of the USDC swap here

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