Bridging Security

Disclaimer for the Systems Status Page

This status page shows the state of our backend services. If there are any issues with our server performance and responsiveness, they will be shown here.

While we do our best to make any service disruption transparent, there are a number of issues that can still occur when the status of a service is green.

When a service is up and running, there is no guarantee that a transaction will still go through immediately. Failed simulations, errors or RPC issues with the blockchains can cause transaction disruptions.

Our goal is to make all of our services as robust as possible to eliminate each and every one of these issues, but as we grow and expand our services, some of these transaction disruptions can still occur until they are fully diagnosed and patched.

Please use this tool in conjunction with to check the status of both the backend servers and the status of any individual transactions.

For support, please write to: Go to our Discord channel and report the issue: Report in our telegram group:

Bridging Security

The Glitter team has built in multiple sensors into our platform to make sure that all transactions happening on the Glitter platform are safe and secure for the user.

1. We have built in a Health status page which all users of the Glitter platform should consult when doing bridging or swapping on the platform. The system’s Health notification is located in the top, right-hand corner of, as well as in the same location in

Please note the color of the Health symbol. Any color outside of green should prompt the user to click on the symbol, and take a look at the Services Status page for information on the status of all services. To get to the Service Status page, please click directly on the colored circle.

The Services Status page can be seen here:

Please note: any color outside of GREEN should prompt a halt in bridging.

2. Information about the Audits for the various Glitter Platform components will be shared in the sections following this one.

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