Bridge Relayer

The Glitter Finance Bridge Relayer will serve as a relay protocol for the Glitter Bridge across supported chains to pass validation messages and requests across the bridge smart contract.

The Bridge Relayer provides decentralized messaging protocols for bridge operations across all supported chains. The Bridge Relayer on IBC protocol will help create messages to be relayed from one ledger to another by monitoring “relayer processes”. These relayers continuously scan the state of ledgers that implement the IBC protocol and relay packets when these packets are present.

This enables transaction execution on connected ledgers when outgoing packets relayed over have been committed. The implementation of the Glitter Bridge Protocol is based on lock and release and the standard mint and burn bridging mechanism which will be communicated across the bridge networks using Bridge Relayer.

The Glitter Bridge Decentralized Protocol will provide the following benefits:

  • Decentralized bridge operations and validation

  • Decentralize Glitter bridge messaging services to increase reliability and security

  • Keep an immutable record of all bridge transactions to increase transparency

The use of the relay chain protocol will set in motion the full decentralization of the Glitter Bridge. Glitter Finance is to be as transparent and decentralized as possible and in keeping with the ethos of blockchain, Glitter Finance will take our decentralized approach a step further through its Bridge Relayer.

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