Glitter Bridge Explorer Guide

The instruction how to use Glitter Bridge Explorer

At first you’re welcome to visit to use Explorer:

Explorer’s interface

This is the main bar of the Explorer. You may use it to search by keyword (such as 'Ethereum'), by transaction ID (TX), wallet address or even two wallet addresses (the further info below). Just write down the info you’re looking for and press ‘Search’ button or ‘Enter’

1.2. Bridge Activity

The first section of the Explorer gives full analytics as to the bridge activity.

1.3. Latest transactions

The list of recent transactions via the Bridge. You may use special icons to have a look at the transaction on Algoexplorer (1) or Solscan (2). By pressing the ‘View all transactions’ (3) button you may see the full list of transactions with the navigation buttons.

1.4. Bridge Transactions History

The second page gives access to more comprehensive bridge transaction history.

1.5. Transaction Details

You can click on the highlighted transaction to have access to more complete details.

All addresses, as well as the transaction hash are clickable and will lead you to results within the individual chain's scan page.

Search Options

2.1. Search by TX

2.1.1. Paste the TX ID into the search bar and press ‘Search’ button or ‘Enter’

2.1.2. Examine the information about transaction

2.2. Search by Wallet

2.2.1. Paste the wallet address into the search bar and press ‘Search’ button or ‘Enter’

2.2.2. You shall see the list of all transactions made via the Bridge with a chosen wallet

2.3. Search by Two Wallets

2.3.1 Paste the two (2) wallets used for bridging (Algorand and Solana) into the search bar and press the ‘Search’ button or ‘Enter’. (!) Use a comma between the wallet addresses.

2.3.2. You shall see the list of all transactions made via the Bridge with the chosen wallets #1 and #2

2.4. Search by Status

You can search for transactions in the explorer via status. To do this click on the 3-bar sign, near the Status header.

Green color next to a transaction implies a successful transaction:

Red implies a failed transaction:

Yellow color and the word ‘Pending’ next to a transaction implies the bridge is processing the transaction:

Blue color with the word ‘Refund’ implies that the bridge transaction failed and the bridge issued a refund:

Gas Ratio - this means that the transaction did not have enough value sent from one chain to another to pay for the gas fee and for the the rest of the amount to be delivered (the gas fee having eaten all the amount sent).

DevTest - This implies that the underlying transaction was performed by ecosystem developers to test the new technology being deployed, or to fix existing technical bugs.

No Deposit - means that no deposit was submitted when the transaction was initiated.

Not Opted In - The Algorand blockchain requires the receiving wallet to be opted into an asset before receiving it. Should the user try to bridge to Algorand without your wallet being opted in, the bridging will fail. In this instance, the explorer will show this message.

2.5. Search by Network

You can filter your search by network. Click on the three-line-bar sign:

Choose network:

2.6. Search by Amount

If you click on the arrow next to the ‘Amount’ header, and the button is facing down, you will be able to search by the biggest amounts that have been passed through the bridge, from the very top of the explorer transaction review.

If the arrow is facing up, then you are viewing the smallest amounts from the top of the search in the explorer.

2.7. Search by Time Period

When the arrow is facing down next to the “Time Ago” header, the explorer will show the latest transactions. When the arrow is facing up it will show the transactions recorded from the beginning of bridge operations.

Export Results

3.1. Export Results

To export full bridge transaction data to Excel, please click here:

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