USDC: Swap Tutorial

On Algorand to Avalanche Example

1.1 Select Network & Asset

Select needed chain in "Choose Chain" section (Currently supported chains are Algorand, Solana, Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon and Tron):

1.2 Connect Wallet

Choose a wallet to connect it to the Bridge (you may connect Pera Wallet, DeFly or Exodus) and click the preferred icon:

1.3 Example for Pera Wallet (Web): Fill in your password and press the “Connect” button or click on "Connect with Pera Mobile" if you want to use Pera Mobile wallet app:

1.4 Choose USDC token by click on it:

1.5 Confirm the destination chain and connect your wallet (we are using Avalanche with Metamask for example):

1.6 Confirm the asset for your bridging (USDC will be automatically chosen):

1.7 Input Amount

Select the amount of assets you want to bridge:

1.8 Review and Confirm Request

Confirm the swap by pressing "SWAP" button:

1.9 Sign the transaction in your Algorand wallet and wait a bit to complete the bridging (usually it takes around one minute, but can be up to 20 minutes for Ethereum and Polygon):

1.10 Bridging Completed

Congratulations! Your bridging has been successfully completed! Please note: Depending on destination chain you'll receive your tokens in a few minutes. Swap can be proceed in up to 20 minutes for Ethereum and Polygon because of network usage (high network load).

1.11 Transaction tab on the bottom reads your wallet and will tell you the status of all of your transactions.

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