Glitter Bridge Protocol

The Glitter Bridge protocol enables cross-chain transfer of assets from layer 1 blockchains to another layer 1 blockchain seamlessly. The Glitter Bridge runs distributed self-approving cross-chain nodes hosting the blockchain network nodes and oracle protocols to validate transaction requests and operations that verify the authenticity of bridging activity.

The Glitter Bridge operation uses a hosted node that certifies token lockup deposits on one chain in order to mint / unlock wrapped tokens on the other, and vice versa. The local node expresses high performance based on the bridging networks which allows high-speed bridge transactions with a reliable and secure protocol for enhanced security.

The Glitter Bridge implementation functions by transmitting protocol messages across Algorand to Solana in a bidirectional fashion while bridging. The bridge cross-chain protocol is designed for easy integration of more blockchain networks to provide robust asset transfer across multiple chains.

The powering technology allows bridging transactions to be executed fast across all bridged networks. A dependency that amounts to delayed transactions is on the primary blockchain and secondary blockchain to transfer assets and receive assets, also their network congestion conditions. If these two chains express a fast network TPS, the bridging transfer of assets will be completed simultaneously. The overall average of one bridging session to fulfill correctly and completely is measured to be under 40 seconds so far.

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