What is the minimum for bridging with Algo?

The minimum amount for bridging with Algo is 5 Algo. You can bridge as much as you like once you met the minimum requirements set by the bridge.

What is xAlgo?

xAlgo is a wrapped Algo token on the Solana network. When you bridge Algos from Algorand to Solana, you receive xAlgo on the destination chain (Solana).

What is ATA and why should I create it prior to bridging Algo to Solana?

ATA stands for Associated Token Account, and it is based on the Solana network's architecture that requires an associated account to be generated for every non-native token (Asset) in a user's wallet so that the user is able to send and receive that token (asset). The create ATA button will take care of that process for you, when the app detects that you do not have an associated account for xAlgo on Solana. Please note that the Solana Asset ID for xAlgo is 'HMx8h6yJf7kEMYzrVcgcvLSihrZkLeoXpX6SKrMaNKVK'

What is the minimum USDC balance required to start bridging from/to Algorand?

1 USDC when bridging from Algorand and 1 USDC balance when bridging to Algorand (but 10 USDC if bridging from Ethereum).

What wallets I can use for Algorand?

The following wallets are supported on Algorand:

  • MyAlgo

  • Pera

  • Defly

  • Exodus

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