Glitter Arbitrage Bot

Glitter Arbitrage Bot

The Glitter team has developed an Arbitrage Bot which allows for automated cross chain arbitrage across a variety of cryptocurrencies and protocols. This is accomplished as follows:

  1. Connect to configured Algorand and Solana accounts for executing arbitrage operations.

  2. Choose one of 6 potential Arbitrage Strategies (at random) with a random amount that is between 5 and 25% of the balance of the Algorand or Solana accounts for a given currency.

  3. Simulate the arbitrage strategy by obtaining quotes from every bridge or exchange step along the arbitrage loop*. At this point no arbitrage or transactions are committed.

  4. Using the stimulation at step 3, the Bot evaluates if a profit is generated from the arbitrage loop. If there is a profit to be gained that is above a configured threshold, the bot executes that specific arbitrage loop. The bot then stores any profits gained in its associated accounts to fund future arbitrage.

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