A Complete Cross-Chain Financial Ecosystem Built on Cosmos

Rainbow Network

The Rainbow Network is a Cosmos-based blockchain, using the Tendermint consensus, which is the next stage of the growth and evolution of Glitter. Glitter and Rainbow are sister protocols, which together optimize the cross-chain space, and work together to maximize cross-chain liquidity.

As discussed in previous sections, Glitter is a base layer which creates interoperability by using interoperability technologies to facilitate movement of assets across blockchain networks. These include: wrapped tokens, stablecoin cross-chain swaps, etc. However, once this cross-chain liquidity is created it must be stored and directed into the appropriate investment mechanisms to be put to proper use and to create an ease-of-use for the inexperienced DeFi user.

This is where the Rainbow Network comes in. Built on Glitter, Rainbow has the advantage of being highly interoperable from the very onset of its existence. Moreover, Rainbow allows Glitter to have a home base for its cross-chain liquidity, and optimizes the implementation of this liquidity. For our partner protocols, Rainbow creates instant interoperability with all supported blockchains upon the launch of a partner protocol on Rainbow.

Taken together, Glitter and Rainbow form a comprehensive ecosystem which creates a highly-liquid and optimized, cross-chain ecosystem.

For more information on Rainbow please see: docs.rainbownetwork.io

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