Incorrect/Failed Transactions

When bridging from one chain to another we attach data to the transactions on both chains which include:

  • Source address;

  • Destination address;

  • Chain names;

  • Amounts.

Failed deposits are bridge transactions initiated by anyone/end-user but either with incomplete information of any one of the above data, or incorrect or malicious information.

Incomplete Information: this means that they don't provide a destination address. Another example of incorrect Information: the user specified that the destination chain is Solana but provided us destination address of Algorand. Malicious information: This means they transfer a small amount and try to bridge a large amount (attack vector).

On the other hand, failed transfers are valid in the sense that all data we need for bridging is available to us and correct. However, during the process of bridging some error occurred which can be things like network congestion on any of the networks or any of the API routes failing.

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