New Interface Overview - Interface Overview

The interface is designed for novice users. It simplifies the current cross-chain bridging interface models currently used.

1. All bridge steps are separated, step-by-step. The first step needs to be complete, which triggers step two, etc.

3. Clicking on the green circle near the "Services" tag will bring you to the services status page.

This page is there to help you identify possible system problems and to create a safer bridging experience. If the circle is any color except green, please hold any further activity.

4. At the top, the "Home" button will lead you to

5. "APP" button is to come back to

6. The "Widget button will lead you to

This is the interface we built for users that like the more conventional, cross-chain bridging interface. You can read more about the Glitter Widget here (Link).

7. "Develop" will lead you to

This portal will allow projects to list their tokens on the Glitter Token Bridge, and to become cross-chain. Listing your token will create wrapped tokens.

8. "Documents" will lead you to and to all of our tutorials.

9. "Explorer" will lead you to, our advanced analytics tool.

Here, you will find full bridge: statistics, analytics tools, full bridge transaction history, as well as access to links within the individual chain scan pages.

10. Wallet connection tab, in the top, right-hand corner, will confirm your connected wallets from both the starting chain and the destination chain.

The wallets will continue to be connected until you click on the tab to disconnect them, allowing you to perform multiple bridging operations.

11. Transaction tab on the bottom reads your wallet and will tell you the status of all of your transactions.

For a more comprehensive record please go to:

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