What is the minimum Sol balance required to start using the bridge?

0.05 Sols when bridging from Sol and non-zero Sol balance when bridging to Sol

What is xSol?

xSol is the wrapped Sol token on the Algorand network. When you bridge Sol from Solana to Algorand, you receive xSol on the destination chain (Algorand).

What is Optin and why should I do it prior to bridging Sol to Algorand?

On Algorand, before you are able to receive an Asset, you need to optin to it. This will be handled by the system via the optin button. You will get an optin alert when the app detects that you are not opted-into xSol asset on Algorand. Be informed that Algorand Asset ID for xSol is (75394438).

What is the minimum USDC balance required to start bridging from/to Solana?

1 USDC when bridging from Solana and 1 USDC balance when bridging to Solana (but 10 USDC if bridging from Ethereum).

What wallets I can use for Solana?

The following wallets are supported on Solana:

  • Phantom

  • Solflare

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