General Bridge Questions

What should I do if I face issues?

Please take a screenshot and contact us via our telegram group. You can also reach us by sending an email to

What if it takes too long in some cases? Is there a condition under which my transactions are not confirmed?

Network congestion does occur on Solana. We have built in a sensor tool into the bridge which tells you the state of the Solana network. If your transaction fails and you need to be refunded please contact us via our telegram group of send an email to

Is there a server connection to which the frontend communicates?

No! The bridge architecture is designed to have front and back ends detached, and they do not directly communicate. They are only connected via blockchain transactions. This way, the need for extra or third-party verifiers gets omitted and the verification consensus is exactly the blockchain's validation consensus and nothing more. We use oracles to do the heavy lifting, of this absent direct communication between front and back ends, and provide more robust security for bridge operations.

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