Glitter Finance Community Bug Bounty Program

Glitter is committed to delivering the safest line of products possible. To achieve our aim, we have an ongoing bug bounty program. We feel having this program will not only allow us to prevent technological vulnerabilities but will also allow us to build true camaraderie with our community. As such, here are the guidelines and payouts available in case of a problem found within any products on public testnet or mainnet released by our protocol:

  • Low critical UI issues: 100-250 USD

  • Medium critical UI issues: 200-400 USD

  • High critical UI issues: 500-1000 USD

  • Low critical Smart Contract issues: 300-500 USD

  • Medium critical Smart Contract issues: 500-1000 USD

  • High critical Smart Contract or Backend issues: 3000-10000 USD

Please report the issues via email to:

Via telegram by posting in the Glitter group:

Or send directly to @defibuilder1 via a telegram dm.

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